Most conveyors we built are custom made. Standard conveyor models are available for in-line corn and flour tortilla cooling but transport and transfer of tortillas and related food products usually require adapting to our customers unique operation.

custom conveyors

We build custom conveyors for tortillas, fried products and other uses. In general our conveyors are made of a stainless steel frame with either stainless steel or plastic belting.

Tortilla chips

Tortilla chips are transported using a tightly weaved stainless steel belting. A removable drip pan under the belting helps with clean up.

vacuum incline conveyors

When space is limited our vacuum incline conveyors are used to replace a conventional long boom incline. High suction holds tortillas to a perforated plastic belt so steep conveyor angles are possible.

Multi-tier conveyors

Multi-tier conveyors cool both flour and corn tortillas in preparation for packaging. As with most of our conveyors, an AC variable speed drive is used to adjust dwell and allow conveyor to be in time with adjacent equipment.