Corn Tortilla Line

Corn tortillas can be made using corn flour as shown here, or raw corn can be cooked and freshly ground. Viva Equipment makes equipment for corn cooking and milling operations too.


Our mid-sized corn tortilla line can produce up to 600 dozen tortillas per hour. Combining a smart mix of automatic and manual controls, our standard corn line is simple to operate and easy to maintain. Quality tortillas from a reasonably priced prodution line is what makes this line a favorite.


The oven mounted corn masa sheeting head feeds directly into the baking oven. Head is a two-across design and can be outfitted with various cutting dies to cut up to 6-3/4″ diameter tortillas or oblong enchilada style tortillas.


Next, a gas fired three pass baking oven cooks the raw tortilla. Oven operator has complete control of both oven heat and oven speed. Bottom pass discharges hot tortillas onto an inclined transfer belt attached to cooler.


Excess heat and moisture are dissapated on a five tier cooling conveyor. Open weave stainless steel belting allows plenty of air circulation to cool tortillas before reaching the inspection discharge belt.


Fresh corn tortillas ready for packaging or storage. If you are in need of corn tortilla equipment, please consider VIVA EQUIPMENT. We have several line capacities to choose from and customized machines are available as well.