Flour Tortillas

Flour tortilla producers often use manual methods to handle the flour dough up to the pressing stage. Viva Equipment can help automate this operation using machinery to prepare and process the dough mixture between mixing and the loading of a tortilla press.

We can provide a complete flour tortilla line. The amount of automation desired and line capacity are couple of factors that will determine the overall line design. Also, Individual pieces of equipment can be integrated to upgrade an existing operation.

Overhead inline flour proofers provide the time needed for the dough to rest between dividing-rounding and presssing operations. Automatic infeed chutes and dough ball discharge timing are standard features. Single level or multi-pass styles allow for various proof dwell times.

A gas fired three pass baking oven cooks the pressed raw tortilla. Oven operator has complete control of both oven heat and oven speed. Bottom pass discharges hot tortillas onto an inclined transfer belt attached to cooler.
Flour tortillas need to be cooled before packaging. A nine tier cooling conveyor with open weave stainless steel belting allows plenty of air circulation to cool tortillas before reaching the discharge belt and packaging area..